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A dramatised Story Board of an evening never to be repeated. Captured through the lens of a Paramount Photographer.
At a stage during the Bridal Waltz, a large balloon suspended from the ceiling will explode and shower everyone on the dance floor with 100 mini balloons and coloured ribbons. When this happens, it's PARTY TIME!
Many people do not know the traditional reason why the Bride and Groom cut the cake. It is a tradition that stems back to ancient times. Your Paramount Compere/MC will step you through the Cake Cutting Ceremony which comes complete with cake box, 2 candles, 2 candle holders and a rolled script which explains the tradition associated with the Cutting of the Cake.
When you make your way onto the dance floor for your first dance together as Husband and Wife, a soft, misty fog will be there to greet you, giving the effect of dancing on a cloud.
The effect creates a truly beautiful video or photographic opportunity! (Also has the advantage of hiding the Groom’s feet!)
The Special FX light gives an effect of pastel rays shining down on the dance floor. It will create a designated dancing area, without flashing lights in guest's eyes and will create a fantastic atmosphere for the rest of the evening as you and your guests dance the night away.
Professionally trained MC to look after the formalities or to assist your chosen MC. COMPERE - Works in conjunction with your Banquet Supervisor to ensure nothing is left to chance. Your night runs smoothly allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself.  

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